Land available on the Key Peninsula, WA

The Key Peninsula is a land of many small and some larger homestead farms with small concentrated housing developments around lakes and salt water frontage. 

Much of the interior area is reserved to not be divided into lots smaller than 5 acres. There are many plots larger than that. For those looking for land to live on and have a permaculture and or organic lifestyle, I have created this space to assist you in your search. 

Those that have land available are encouraged to list it here.  Real Estate  agents are also encouraged to list here properties that would match this interest.

This is a sample of my property that is currently avalable
5 acres on  Erickson Rd. KP S  Longbranch, WA 98351

This is what I have available according to Geoff Lawton's land purchase check list: 5 acres expandable to 7. In the center of Puget Sound in Western Washington State on the Key Peninsula between Case Inlet and Carr inlet. South East slope with pond in South East corner. Erickson Rd. KPS is the south boundary of the property. Access road was put in when the property was logged, from South West corner to flat landing area in center of slope and property.

Electrical ditch has been dug alongside access road; only underground wire and combination meter breaker box to bring power to building site is installed. Septic design is required by the county first but the sandy gravel soil in front of the building site would probably only require a simple gravity system. House could be built on the landing area or in the mound behind it if you desire an earth sheltered house.

The West side of the property has an access easement to the 14 acres behind which has not yet been completed. This is adjacent to 5+ acres of maturing fir timber land that the owner has told me she intends to keep that way as a buffer for her privacy. 

The pond is on the edge of a one foot flood plain which continues across the lower third of the adjoining 2.5 acres, which is mostly cleared to pasture, and rest of my 5 acres which has a South West slope. There is consistent South West wind if you desire to pump water up to storage on the hill. The pond overflows into the road ditch all winter long Therefore a great deal of water could be harvested for summer irrigation. My drilled well is 80 feet at about the same level as the building site would be about 60 feet at the low corner. The electrical wire has to be covered one foot for final inspection then the water line could be placed before the ditch is filled. 

This is a mirror image of my Qberry Farm except that my land slopes South West and the swale in between continues higher up the slope on the 2.5 acre lot which I am not using except to cut the grass for mulch. The 2.5 acres was divided and sold when that was still possible then bought back by my mother. It is not build-able without access from one of the adjoining lots because of the flood plain. It would be a fine addition to the 5 acres for some one that wishes to have grazing animals as part of their operation.


 Hans Albert Quistorff        253 208 1080

18615 Erickson Rd. KP S

Longbranch, WA 98351

Next to Home
[Home Colony is the name of a platted community with the lots sold to early settlers]

2 lots one agent 2 sellers some clearing has been done and access road between the 2 lots. There is a 3rd lot adjacent shown below next closer to Home,

Next to Home [Home Colony is the name of a platted community with the lots sold to early settlers]

This is a third lot undeveloped raw land.