by Michelle
(Longbranch, WA USA)

Hello, my name is Michelle from Longbranch Art Farm. When we found our 5 acre dream farm in Longbranch, on the Key Peninsula, it was love at first sight. In spite of some daunting and challenging things, such as a house and barn that were completely falling into the ground, we followed our bliss and moved forward. We have been so smitten by the place that we have decided that this is where we are going to grow our wrinkles (among other things) and stay forever. This is where we are combining our love of making art and growing things, hence the name, Longbranch Art Farm.

Our farm started out many years ago as a Holly orchard, which still exists today. The original farm owner also planted many Pear and Cherry trees which have been amazingly productive in spite of years of neglect. We are now carefully pruning and bringing them back to a more healthy life. Our farm was also home to Scottish Highlander cattle at one point, which were known to wander out onto Rouse Road on a frequent basis. We have been harvesting our hay which has then been fed to the local Bison on the farm down the road. We plan to continue that until we have our own animals to feed. We have started out by planting many trees and will soon have many varieties of apples, plums, Asian pears, Bartlett pears to offer. We also grow herbs such as Rosemary, Lemon balm, French tarragon, lavender, Sage, Star anise, Chive, garlic, shallots and many others. We plan to grow a range of flowers, veggies and salad greens such as swiss chard, arugula,kale,and butter lettuce, potatoes, beets and asparagus.

Our goal is to set up a green house soon so that we can provide fresh produce year round for the local community, restaurants and food bank. We also plan to host seasonal events such as Apple cider pressing and U-Pick blackberry days, along with Art retreats and work shops for the community. Hope to see you at Longbranch Art Farm someday soon!

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