The story of QBerry Farm


By Hans Albert Quistorff Submitted Sat Jun 13 2009 From Lake of the woods untill we can move to Longbranch

Old Gravensteen Apple trees, Long established berry patches and grape vines surround vegetable beds and exuberant flowers. Visitors remark it is like a secret garden. My sister Cristy tended it for many years and shared it with my mother until she died. Then she tended it alone with occasional help from us and her friends until she died. Shortly after she died the old farm house burned down. Therefore Jeannette and I are working hard to keep the farm productive while arranging to replace the house. We look forward to sharing the abundance of berries and fruit at the farmers market at Key Center. We share the booth with our neighbor farm Creveston Valley Farm which is just up the hill and around the corner.

My contact information is Hans Albert Quistorff, LMP Antalgic Posture Pain Specialist 253 851 4212 I have reached retirement age but I continue to help people with special health challenges by appointment.

Use the Key Peninsula customer contact form if you would like to pick fruit mid week to put in the freezer.

2010 decided to update the farm name

The name Erickson-Road-Farm evolved from the initial farmers market application. It said where we were but not what we produced. Therefor for this year I began using QBerry Farm. It has been good for marketing through the Fresh Food Revolution co-op. We moved into our new house in January and I have been able to improve the berry patches considerably. There is still a lot of repair to do so the offer is still out to trade produce or pain treatments for help around the farm.

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