Shire Farm

Trainer at Shire Farm: Maree' George-Milles on Denali

Trainer at Shire Farm: Maree' George-Milles on Denali

Our focus at Shire Farm is to provide natural horsemanship training and clinics to horse people of all ages and disciplines. We are dedicated to teaching "Sustainable Horsemanship" which is a three part approach that encompasses aspects of #1. training of the horses, #2. emotional intelligence of the human, and #3. healthy farm and stable environments to create overall nourishing relationships that enhances the lives of horses and houmans and encourages the stewardship of the land.
We also have vegetable and flower gardens, pathways through old growth and second growth cedar trees, and a whole menagerie of barnyard creaures, including minature ponies, milk goats and wool goats, that makes Shire Farm a unique and enchanting place to visit.

We understand there are many passions in the horse industry and the good news is that you do not have to give up what you enjoy doing with your horse, but you can learn new ways to communicate and have a deeper relationship with your horse.

We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of horses and humans through the teaching of interspecies communication, respect and awareness, as well as educating farm owners on sustainable practices that both sustain and improve the health and vitality of the entire farm: air, soil, water, plants, animals and people.

We provide a safe, positive, and creative environment to play, communicate and learn. Individual temperments, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, skills, physical abilities and learning styles are all incorporated into our training program.

For more information on the services that Shire Farm provides please visit our website at

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